Choosing Your Perfect Sofa

Your sofa is probably one of the biggest furniture investments you’ll make in your home – and rightly so. A sofa is where you relax, where you entertain, where you socialise, perhaps even where you work, browse the web or read. It’s usually the place you spend most of your time whilst at home while awake and so choosing the right sofa for you and your home when there are countless options and styles available to you can seem a daunting and overwhelming prospect.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right sofa to save time, money and any buyer’s regret and we hope these will help you narrow down your search to make decision-making easier and to find the perfect sofa for you.


How big is the room your sofa will be going and how much of the room do you want to fill? It’s important to remember that you may want a second sofa as well or some matching chairs or a footstool, a coffee table, a TV cabinet and other items. Will the sofa you choose fit your space?

Normally, a smaller room will look best with a smaller or medium-sized sofa and larger sofas will suit a larger space. Take measurements before you start your search so you can discount those that are not the right fit.

If you have a smaller space, you may want to consider a sofa with straight arms as opposed to larger arms to maximise your space or you may want to consider an L-shaped sofa to provide room to stretch out.


Aesthetics are of course important but practicality must also come into play. Consider your home life. Do you have young children or pets? That dream white sofa may need to stay a dream for a little while longer! Leather sofas offer exceptional comfort whilst being easy to maintain, making them ideal for family life.

If you are happy to take extra care in your living room, then that wonderful creamy flat woven fabric will certainly look stunning, just be sure you are happy to accept that a pale fabric will mean a little more attention is required to keep it looking its best. Have a look at our Care Guides to see what kind of fabric will best suit your lifestyle.


It may be difficult to pin down your personal style but it’s important to go with what you feel would suit your look best. Angular shapes with strong lines tend to suit more contemporary and minimalist styles.

If you love a country look, then our pillow back sofas will suit your style nicely. If you crave a traditional look in your home, then go for simple classic lines and rounded corners to fit in with your home.


How much time you plan on spending on your sofa will normally dictate the level of comfort you require. It’s normally best to simply give it the “seat test” when in our stores and sit on a few to see how well they mould to your body.

How is the seat depth? Does it hug you at your knees? Do your feet touch the floor? Stretch out and recline in a few different positions.

A straight-back sofa will mean sitting more upright whilst our corner sofas mean you can fully stretch out. Whether you prefer a firmer sit or a softer sit will be a choice you’ll have to make but it’ll also narrow down the options to find your perfect fit.


A sofa is a big investment and a well-built one can potentially last for the next 10 years with care. At SofaStore, our sofas are made out of kiln-dried hard wood and some contain additional metal bracing for extra support. Kiln-drying removes moisture, helping to guard against any warping or cracking.

Our frames are then screwed glued and in some cases, doubled doweled for additional support. The feet are made from the same solid hardwood as our furniture ranges, perfect for that made to match look.

For our seat cushions, we use a high density foam wrapped in blown fibre for superior support and comfort. This means a firmer sit which retains its shape beautifully. In others, we use individual springs wrapped in calico pockets which offers excellent support, comfort and shape retention.

As always, if you have any questions about the sofa you choose, please do speak to one of our sales associates who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.