Measuring Your Sofa

Before purchasing your sofa, you want to make sure it fits your space perfectly. Taking the time to measure up your space will mean there will be no obstacles to making sure your dream sofa is the perfect fit!

Decide your sofa space first by using masking tape to mark out the area where the sofa will be placed. Then ensure you have adequate space around your sofa to comfortably move around it. Make sure your sofa doesn’t obstruct any doorways and never place your sofa directly against a radiator.

The next step is to measure both the height and width of any doorways, hallways, stairways and lifts that the sofa will need to fit through on its way to its final spot.

Now that you have these measurements, you want to compare these to your chosen sofa’s diagonal depth. To get the diagonal depth, measure from the highest point of the back of the sofa to the front of the arm of the sofa. Then measure from the bottom corner to where it intersects with the measurement of the back frame to the front of the arm. This measurement must be less than the height or width of any access areas.

Be sure to check that there are no obstructions to your access ways. This means things like light fixtures, radiators and other immovable objects are taken into consideration in your measuring.

When moving the sofa around a corner, check your ceiling height as well as it may be easier to stand the sofa upright to pass through. In this case, you want to be sure the width of the sofa is less than the height of your ceiling.

Bear in mind that some of our ranges have detachable backs and arms to make it easier to fit them into your home. Speak to our advisors if you have any questions about whether your chosen sofa will fit easily into your home before delivery to avoid any problems. Millimetres can make a difference in whether your sofa will fit into your home safely so measuring as precisely as possible is crucial!