Please retain the original packaging and white label with your S/C number on. In the unlikely instance that there is an issue with your order, these are essential to resolving your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Unless specifically stated in writing, all sofa orders are considered ‘bespoke’ and as such, once we have accepted your order, we cannot accept a cancellation without charge after 2 working days from the time of order. If you do cancel your order after this period, a cancellation charge of 30% of the retail price in force at the time of the order will be payable.
If the goods have left the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to reasons beyond our control, return charges will apply. Returns charges are £39 per failed or re-arranged delivery and are in addition to cancellation charges. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • The customer cancels the order after the items have been dispatched
  • We are unable to complete the delivery due to access issues.
  • The customer is unavailable or unable to take delivery of the goods


If any items are incorrect, damaged or faulty you should notify us immediately by clicking here. We will need the S/C number printed on the white label (found on the furniture).

We will always arrange for a fully certified Furniture Specialist to visit your home. The Specialist will assess the issue, and if it is possible to restore your sofa to brand new condition in your home, we will arrange for this to be done as this is always a more convenient solution for you. There are more details in your owner's manual.

Please refer to our Care and Characteristics page for more information. Failure to care for your furniture in the recommended way may result in your warranty being invalidated. Should deem it impractical to offer a replacement product for any item that is damaged or faulty, we reserve the right to offer a repair, an allowance for a repair, or alternatively a refund for your purchase.

Please note these terms do not affect your statutory rights.